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Producer of seed potatoes and potatoes, Highest Quality

Seed Potatoes:

It is the main area of our business. Seed production is located in northern Poland areas with the highest health class. We are producing seed potato: edible variety and variety used to produce starch as a licensed representative Vesa Velhartice AS (Czech potato breeding).

Available varieties

Varieties of edible

We have a selection of many varieties of seed in different classes maturity, from the very early varieties for cultivation in the "young potatoes" for the medium-early varieties destined for harvest in the autumn period, with very high yields and very good storage stability. These varieties are the different types of cooking: A, A / B, B, B / C for different usage (type: salad, cooking, baking). Our varieties of each producer, or consumer of potatoes will find "something for everyone"

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Strach varieties

Our varieties of starch are in different classes maturity. They have a very high starch content at a very high yield of tubers. Suitability for processing into starch confirm the results obtained by starch factories.

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