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Producer of seed potatoes and potatoes, Highest Quality

About US

PHU Karo was created in 1999.

Since 2000. we specialize in cultivation, sale and export of seed potatoes.

Since 2004. we are a licensed representative of Vesa Velhartice A.S. - Czech potato breeding

We are cooperataing with a large group of specialized, seed-producers throughout the Polish and the Czech Republic in the production of seed

We have the selection of many high-quality of consumption and starchy varieties that are gaining recognition throughout Europe

We offer them in large farms and factories starch processing in big packs. But also in packs of 5 kg, intended for planting in small plots and home gardens.

In addition, we have been producing and selling potatoes (consumer, industrial - for use as starch, French fries or potato chips), and vegetables.

A wide range of offered products and logistics based on the cooperation with the best transport companies allow meet all expectations of our customers in this area.


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phone/fax: +48 71 313 55 41
email: karo@sadzeniaki-karo.pl

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