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Producer of seed potatoes and potatoes, Highest Quality


It is the main area of our business. Seed production is located in northern Poland areas with the highest health class.

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In production we use only the potato varieties that have the best consumption features and are accepted by our customers.

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Selected producers that cooperate with our company grow vegetables in clean ecological regions far from communication ways and big industrial plants...

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PHU Karo was created in 1999. Since 2000. we specialize in cultivation, sale and export of seed potatoes. Since 2004. we are a licensed representative of Vesa Velhartice A.S. - Czech potato breeding

PHU Karo
pl. J. Piłsudskiego 7/2, 55-200 Oława
fax +48 71 313 55 41
mobile +48 71 303 45 18
email: karo@sadzeniaki-karo.pl
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